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Be The Change: I Will Help Children To Become Less Dependent On Technology

Joined: 2/29/2012
Posts: 3
Isn’t it amazing to think that there was a time when a person could live through the day without using a cell phone? The world has slipped into an age where man is entirely dependent upon technology. Think about a time that you have misplaced your cell phone. You may have felt totally lost without it. We must become less dependent on our technology because it can control us if we let it coordinate our lives. It is a change that we must embrace, and I plan to help others understand this problem by alerting them to the negative effects of today’s advanced technologies.

Electronic devices provide endless conveniences, but the effects they have on us are overwhelming. Recently I deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my iPhone. I had them for months, and they consumed many hours of my time. That time could have been wisely spent studying or practicing athletics, but instead it was wasted in staring at a meaningless screen. Deleting the apps has had an extremely positive effect on my life by giving me time to do more important things. I want to show other people what minimizing the effect of electronic influence on their lives can accomplish.

Meeting a fourth grader with a smartphone greatly astonished me. I did not receive my first phone until the eighth grade, and it was only a primitive flip phone. I know I spent much time on that small flip phone, and I find it hard to imagine how much time a fourth grader might spend on a smartphone. The younger generation will become quite tech savvy with early exposure to technology, but their time on these devices may affect them negatively. After meeting this fourth grader, I decided to try to make a difference for him and kids facing the same issue.

It is not my wish for others to experience the same problem I had with wasting time on my iPhone. People need to change themselves to avoid this. To change the people of my town, I will go to the local grade schools and give a presentation on the problem of people being too dependent upon technology. I will share my story with the students, and I will explain to them why it is important not to let their cell phones or game devices control their lives. After I tell them to moderate their time on these devices, I will encourage them to educate their friends and relatives on what they have learned. Hopefully their lesson will change their lives positively.

Think about how technology might get the best of you sometimes. You may overuse it and realize that you have failed to acknowledge others. If you find yourself stuck on your phone, try switching it off. The world will not be over. In fact, you might breathe more easily. Make this change for yourself. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to become more technology independent.

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Comment by Dana Kongo

Joined: 1/10/2013
Posts: 3
You make a good point. Last year when I was a freshman in High School my parents took away my cell phone because my grades were suffering, and because I was skipping class to aviod taking test. All I can tell you is that it is really difficult not having a cell phone, and I still do not have a phone up to this day, but I did get a huge benifit out of it. My grades started improving, and I was getting a lot more serious and focused on my school work, and it helped me pass the year.
Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2013 6:39:02 PM
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Comment by Dylan_Burnell

Joined: 1/9/2013
Posts: 51
I believe that you are right up to a point. I am 16 and i have never had a phone. I worked all summer to get a top of the line laptop and i have a part time job working between 15 and 25 hours a week while doing full time school and getting all A's and B's. You are defiantly right about kids having to much technology. I mentored a third grade class and halfway through the semester they got a swing on thier playground. never had one before. over half of the class didn’t know how to swing or had never been on a SWING.

You also have to think about how school is using these new technologies . So far 2 of my classes use twitter for their daily warm up. And with books weighing so much it is extremely convenient to download the PDF file of that book. It is partly because of the schools that this problems exist in the first place.

Posted: Monday, January 14, 2013 1:17:12 AM
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