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Expectations Change

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When most girls think of their future they usually have pretty high expectations or at least in Tiana’s world they did. Marrying a doctor, living in a big perfectly decorated house, and having lots of kids. Tiana was determined to have a perfect life.
Tiana had the perfect model like body. Tall, thin, dark brown hair, and a smile that could get her anything she wanted. All her life she had lived in a small town, just shy of 500 people. Everybody knew everybody along with their life story. With graduation right around the corner Tiana had a lot on her mind. She had gotten honored with a lot of local scholarships and was beyond ready for receive her diploma. She couldn’t wait for the day she would drive past the “Goodbye, Come Again” sign and never turn back. She was ready to explore the city lights.
Graduation came quick and moving to South Florida came quicker. Before she knew it she was boarding her plane to fly half way across the U.S. She looked nice as usual wearing cute little flat shoes, white shorts and a royal blue shirt. She was seated right next to an elderly guy that wasn’t exactly going to be her trip the most pleasurable flight. She could spell his body odor from the bathrooms, he didn’t look like he was a very happy person, and the one thing that bothered her the most was he didn’t have matching socks on. She couldn’t keep from looking down at the grey and black sock.
She tried to focus on how much she couldn’t wait to step foot on the sandy beach, and how much she couldn’t wait to meet the love of her dreams. Her eyes kept on returning to those socks but her day dreaming was taking over her mind.
She could see everything falling into place. She would go to her classes for health and fitness, go to the beach to keep up on her tan and there she would meet the perfect guy. He would have every quality that she had on her “check list.” He had to be a doctor, had to be tall, athletic looking, and of course be able to top her smile.
The plane landed sooner than she thought. All her things had already arrived at her apartment. All she had to do was show up and arrange them how she wanted them. She spent the next few days rearranging and figuring out where all her classes were and had exactly one week before they all started. She spent almost every minute of that remaining week in the sun on the beach.
Tiana had very high expectations for the first day of class. She wanted to meet all these new people and make all these new friends. She walked into the room and her eyes immediately got huge. She had never seen so many kids packed into one room before. Back in high school Tiana was the center of attention most of the time because of how pretty and smart she was, but this was going to be way different.
Tiana made it through that first class and in fact she made it through a whole year of school and really got the hang of how everything worked down in florida. She liked it so much that she decided to stay there for the summer instead of going home. A month into the summer Tiana saw an unfamiliar face on the beach. She wondered if he was just on vacation or maybe even a honey moon trip so she just dropped her curiosity. But the next day she saw the same guy. She kept asking her self “who is that good looking guy?” She wondered if he was going to attend school there in the fall? Or if he had just moved into town? It took her an hour or so but she finally worked up the courage to go and talk to this tall and very good looking guy. She walked up to him, introducing herself and asking if he was new to the city. His reply will forever stick in Tiana’s memory. “Well hello there, I actually just got the new job at the hospital. I’m a pediatric surgeon.” Tiana was immediately attracted to Bryson and wanted to continue their conversation. She asked if he was familiar with the town, just trying to make conversation. He said that he had been to a few places to eat by him self but didn’t really no any of the famous places. He asked if she would be willing to show him around a little more. She agreed to the plan and told him that she would be free later this afternoon, gave him her number and with the happiest attitude went home to her apartment.
The night couldn’t come any sooner. She was so excited and could already see a possible future with Bryson. He picked her up around 6 in his little sports car where they talked and flirted for the next hour and a half. Things were going so well that Bryson asked Tiana if she would like to go out to dinner with him. She immediately accepted and he proceeded to drive to one of the fanciest restaurants in town. She was need less to say very impressed. The night ended with a “I will call you tomorrow” and a kiss on the cheek. It was a perfect first date.
The next day Bryson called like he said he would and they continued seeing each other for almost two years. The conversation of getting married and spending the rest of their lives together came up more than once but Bryson had still not popped the question. Their two year anniversary came up and they had planned to go to the same restaurant where they had their first date at. Tiana was almost positive that tonight was the night. She was getting all dressed up, doing some final touches on her makeup and she got a phone call. It was Bryson telling her that he is not feeling well and suggests that she go out with the girls tonight and have fun instead. She up all her friends, tells them the situation and they all decide to go to some clubs and have some fun. Tiana decides to leave the club early and go check up on her sick boyfriend. Walking up to the door with soup in one hand and medicine in the other. She can sense that something was not right because the living room and kitchen lights were both on. She invited her self in and went straight up stairs to Bryson’s room where she found her worst nightmare. Bryson was sitting there on the bed in his robe and another girl, she knew looked familiar stepped out of the shower with as little as a towel wrapped around her. Not even allowing her self time to react she dropped the soup on his fresh cleaned carpet and ran down and out to her car. Bryson tried to run after her to explain himself but Tiana knew exactly what was going on and she wanted no part in it. She stated that she wanted nothing to do with him and drove to her apartment with a crushed heart.
Tiana felt like her fairytale ending was never going to happen. For the next year she tried going out on several dates but they never worked out. She than made what later became the best decision of her life. She went off to med school and was determined to become one of the best doctors.
Med School was challenging at times, but she knew that this is what she was meant to do. She completed school and finished in the top 3 of her class. After Graduation she got an opportunity of a life time. She got invited to go over to South Africa for two years and help build and develop a hospital there. Going over there with an open mind and heart was the best thing for Tiana. She fell in love with all the people and loved her job. When she was over there she got to go into the orphanage a couple times to treat a few children. This became her favorite part of her job. She wished that she could have a family and children of her own someday.
The two year contract was almost up and it was about time for her to return to her home in florida, which now by the way was her dream house decorated like a beautiful barbie’s house. A week before she had planned to go home she had the best idea ever. She went to the orphanage and straight up to the main office. She told the president of the orphanage her wish and asked if it was possible. After going through days of paper work. Tiana got her wish. She was not going to be going home all by her self and not going to have to sit by any old smelly men with unmatching socks. She was going to be flying in first class with 2 beautiful 4 year old girls that she had adopted earlier that day.
Her life might not of turned out like she had planned or like the picture perfect fairytale. But it was even better. She had her perfect house, her perfect children, and a job that not only let her help people but a job that she loved. So Tiana was happy to say that she did get her perfect life.
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