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Questions and Stories about Empty Nest and Retirement

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that retirees and those with an empty nest have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences being retired or adjusting to an empty nest? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Empty Nest and Retirement Questions and Stories

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The word of the day is heedful, reminding me that I must ever be mindful of not only my actions but my words. I must remember that words that slip by the lips fall on ears that may misinterpret my meaning. My words are generated from within me, filtered through my likes, dislikes, beliefs and history then fall on ears that may have other filters and histories. Though I do not intentionally say hurtful things at times I see a reaction in another that surprises me when I see they have taken somet

I have a hunger for life that propels me forward everyday. I'm like my son when he got his first pair of glasses, "Mom, Dad!" his exuberance was uncontained. "There are leaves on the trees."

Our first reaction? Well of course there are but we caught those words before they spilled past our lips.

"Yes, there are. Didn't you know that?"

"Well I guess I knew it but when I look at a tree without my glasses all I see is a green blur. Now I see LEAVES!"


It's really not about who I think I am but about who I am. I am a bent, twisted, heavy framed women with an oxygen hose in the nose. At least that will be your first impression should we ever meet. But wait, that is only the shell of me.. Look closer, look into my brown eyes with still a sparkle and zest for life. Don't be fooled by the external, that is a mistake we make. We only look at surface, we're in such a hurry to blow through this life, especially when we're young, that we miss so much

Here we are in sunny Florida, the last place I thought I would ever end up and we love our location! We are near Tampa, which has a lot more to offer than one would guess. It has a lovely Theater of the Arts, museums, a large amphitheater for concerts and best of all, the setting is beautiful.

Since retiring to the area (from the Chicago area) my husband and I have also had some serious hardships. We have lost a son to a horrible brain disease and are still trying to cope with th

As Labor Day approaches, I feel as though I should be getting ready for school despite having retired from teaching decades ago. Most of my memories of teaching revolve around my students. In fact, the first article I ever wrote--"I remember Carol,” published in Datebook, a popular teen magazine in the 1960s--was about a student.

Carol was a sweet, dark-haired, dark-eyed little girl in my study hall. At one point, she asked for my help with Algebra. Although I was (and am) ma

When I retired in my early 50's, I moved to southwest Florida for the warm weather and available outdoor activities. Once I settled in, I immediately noticed seniors in groups of two, three, and four or more running, walking and bicycling throughout the day, and they were not moving in these activities with a leisurely stroll.

Most were in a full on cardio sweat, no matter what activity they were engaged in. They all wore brightly colored clothing along with their matching run

My mantra has been “somebody, let me outta here” and after twenty years that somebody was me. A journey filled with the domino effect of medical issues that led to brain surgery, wheelchairs, walkers, canes and handicap stickers. Of course we cannot forget all the normal stresses in life, even my soul was on spiritual life support. Like everyone else who finds themselves in a world of chaos and mayhem, a personal choice is made…to live or give up and die. I choose to live and to do so with pass

Energy, invincibility, and the spirit of adventure are descriptive words that one visualizes of college graduates. It is exciting to be a 61 year old college graduate with the energy, renewed sense of invincibility that interconnects with the spirit of adventure. It has been an eye opening journey having been exposed to the social media, diverse technology, and critical thinking or lack of.

The stability of society is based on shared core values. We baby-boomers had the benefits

Too much stuff?

As most American prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season and in some cases it has already begun with early bird sales being offered at the major retailers around the nation, most people should consider the issue of do I have too much stuff?

I am guessing that 90% of the people shopping use possibly only 10-30% of the clothing in their closet to include shoes. With most Americans working 5-days a week and spending the weekends at various leisu

Let me take you out of your world
and put you in another space.
A place where you will see new things,
hear new sounds,
smell new smells.

Your eyes may not believe what they see;
some you will like,
some you won't
some you may not understand--
no matter.

Now you must return to your world.
Perhaps you will become aware
of new sights, sounds, smells.
It is all tucked away
where some day you may need it;

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