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Helpful Tips for Moving Household Appliances

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Jenn Young
Jenn Young is a freelance writer working with Uncle Bob's. She is passionate about beautifying her home and she currently writes on anything and everything related to storage units
If you’re like the majority of people, when it comes to moving, you want to do as much as you can for yourself in order to save as much money as possible. Unless you’ve moved appliances before, keep in mind that there is more to preparing them than meets the eye. More is involved than just unhooking them from the wall and carting them to the moving truck. You’ll want to ensure that they are properly prepared and safely stored for the trek ahead, whether it is a jostle across town or across the country.
Safety First
If you feel unsure about handling water or gas lines, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. The money you’ll spend is worth the peace of mind. Make sure to call your local utility company two weeks ahead of your moving date about shutting off your utilities. Also plan on having the utilities available up until the day you move.
In addition to having your appliances clean and dried out before you move them, consider some specific appliances and tips that will ensure they make the move without incident.
Washer and Dryer Front load units require special handling. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper method of securing the drums. When you purchased your machine, it should have come with a locking kit consisting of transit bolts and washers for securing the drum. These prevent the drum from moving during transit. If the kit is missing, order a replacement set online that’s specific to your brand.
Even top load washers and dryers should have their drums stabilized for moving. If nothing else, place some towels between the drum and sides of the appliance wall.
Unscrew the water lines from the wall and the washer, drain them, wrap them in a towel and place them inside the washer tub. Storing them inside the tub guarantees you can find them easily when you arrive at your destination. Do the same for the dryer exhaust hose. Tape each appliance’s electrical cord to the back for security.
Refrigerator Make sure all food is cleaned out and the interior is dry. Defrost and leave the door open for 24 hours. Any moisture or leftover food particles could cause mildew or odors; an unwelcome surprise to find at your new home. Unhook, drain, and dry out the water supply line. Make sure to drain the water reservoir inside the refrigerator as well.
Remove any unsecured glass shelving, racks, and plastic parts and pack separately. Also clean and dry the evaporator pan located under the refrigerator.
Stove Now is a good time to wash any spills down the sides of the range. Unplug the cord and tape it securely to the back. Before unhooking a gas stove, shut off the gas valve at the wall. Secure any loose oven racks or burner grates.
Dishwasher Disconnect from the counter by removing the screws located at the top front of the dishwasher just under the counter. Shut off the water and electrical connections. Clean and dry the dishwasher thoroughly. Secure all hoses and cords for transport.
By taking your time and properly preparing and securing your appliances, you can help ensure the move to your new home is a success. In the event you will be storing some of your appliances temporarily in a storage facility, make sure to keep them covered and protected from dust.
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